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Σεμινάριο - ArcGIS Desktop I Getting Started with GIS (10.0)

Σχετικά με το Σεμινάριο

This course teaches the fundamental concepts and basic functions of a GIS, the properties of GIS maps, and the structure of a GIS database. In course exercises, you will develop basic software skills by working with ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 tools to visualize geographic data, create maps, query a GIS database, and analyze data using common analysis tools.

Προφίλ Συμμετεχόντων

  • Individuals who do not have any prior GIS education or workplace experience with GIS.
  • Managers and GIS support staff who need to understand how GIS fits into their organization

Στο τέλος του Σεμιναρίου

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand what GIS is, what it can do, and how others are using it
  • See how your organization can benefit from a GIS
  • Create a basic GIS map
  • Work with different types of geographic data.
  • Access information about geographic datasets and features
  • Apply a systematic approach to analyzing data in order to find patterns and relationships


16 ώρες

GIS Overview

  • Functions of a GIS
  • Real-world applications

Components of a GIS map

  • Features and Layers
  • Map scale

Exploring a GIS database


  • Attribute tables
  • Relationship between features and attributes
  • Symbolizing and labeling features based on their attributes

Map Layouts

  • Data view and layout view
  • Layout tools
  • Map elements
  • Exporting a map layout

Understanding location

  • Location systems for maps and globes
  • Map projections
  • Finding location coordinates on a map
  • Measuring area and distance on a map

Raster data and vector data

  • Representing real-world features
  • The geodatabase

Geographic data

  • Tabular data
  • Working with Item Description to explore geographic data

Querying data

  • Attribute queries
  • Location queries

Analyzing spatial relationships

  • Buffering features
  • Overlaying features

Solving problems with GIS

  • GIS analysis process
  • Applying GIS tools to analyze a geographic problem
  • Creating a map layout to present results


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